Maryborough Psychology & Health Clinic

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"Our clinicians are committed to providing quality evidence-based services. We use an empathetic, non-judgemental and person-centred approach to intervention. We value the client-therapist relationship. With a variety of services to cater for your individual needs, we're sure you'll be more than comfortable in working with us!"


Adult and Child Mental Health

Individual Counselling 

Relationship & Family Therapy

Practical Skills & Strategies

Evidence-based Treatment

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Cognitive (IQ) & Educational Testing

Functional Capacity Assessment 

Learning Disability/Dyslexia

Intellectual Disability/Diagnostic

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Adult & Child Disability Services

Therapeutic Support/Capacity Building

Intensive Behaviour Change Program

Functional Capacity & IQ Testing

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Intensive Behaviour Change Intervention

Learn to Increase Positive Behaviour & Decrease Problematic

Adapted to Adult/Child Individual Need

  Parent/carer Training

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Meditation Group

Chill Skills

Learn Skills in Relaxation

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

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Victims of Crime

Victims of Crime Impact Assessments

Psychological Reports to Victims of Crime Assistance Tribuna​l

Victim Counselling

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Improve Attention and Working Memory through Cogmed Training!

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